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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Infamous 2 Review

Developer: Sucker Punch
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release: June 7, 2011
MSRP: $59.99

The original Infamous broke a lot of ground when it came out a couple years ago and went on to become one of the best sandbox, third-person action games of the current generation. It shot up to one of Sony’s marquee titles and named Sucker Punch one of Sony’s last remaining faithful exclusive developer.

Infamous 2 continues the story of Cole and in many ways Infamous 2 is even better its ground breaking predecessor. I’ve played a handful of sequels in the past where it wasn’t completely necessary to play the previous installment. In the case of Infamous 2, the game expects that you are already familiar with the franchise and if you haven’t played the first one, you will get lost in the story line’s progression.

Infamous 2 gameplay is much like the first. If you have played the first then you will be all ready acquainted with how Cole moves, and performs his actions. This time around however, Cole has a new melee weapon at his disposal called The Amp. He is also sporting few more super powers in the form of fire and ice.

Infamous 2 is all about gaining experience points for your actions and in which players can turn around and use those experience points to purchase power and weapon upgrades. Some of Cole’s moves from the first game transition into Infamous 2 and will not require you to learn them.

The story of Infamous 2 is very immersive. You again are plagued with morality choices. Depending on the choices made, you will either please or upset your companions. Kuo and Nix will help and guide you as your progress through the campaign and each takes on a different morality choice.

Kuo is the avenger that will fight for justice and is not interested in hurting the innocent. Nix on the other hand is very demanding, and can be out right cruel. Kuo controls Ice while Nix controls fire attacks. Zeke, Cole’s best friend from the original, returns to act as a familiar comic relief.

Story wouldn’t mean a whole lot unless the fluidity of the gameplay wasn’t there. Cole’s movements and actions are smooth and experience very little frame-rate issues, if any. The environments look fantastic and features some awesome shadow and lighting effects. The town of New Marias is very reminiscent of New Orleans.

With a ton of fluidity in gameplay, the AI of pedestrians are a little off key. I can’t count how many times I threw a tornado out and pedestrians would continue to walk towards it. Unfortunately if they die or get hurt you loose morality points, which is tough to do especially in a city full of them.

There are a lot of objectives to complete throughout the city. At times you will find yourself looking for an objective to complete and just fight enemy after enemy, eventually becoming bored. Each side quest you complete is another area you clear of danger, which in turn helps you move freely throughout the city. If you’re traveling and you get tired of getting attacked, clear the area you will be able to move freely as often as you would like.

The pacing of Infamous 2 is very sound. It moves at a great pace and the feeling of progression will keep you playing Infamous 2 beyond a single playthrough. Playing through the game once definitely doesn’t give the game the scale it deserves. Especially being able to play through once as a good guy, or vice versa.

The overall ending will not be affected, but your surroundings will change and your actions will either strike fear in the innocent, or cause them to cheer you on. Players will collect Blast Shards to increase Cole’s meter and the Dead Drops from the original game make their return. Hunt for pigeons throughout the city and you’ll find them.

(The AI Think they can stop it by shooting at it….Not Smart)

One of the best features that Sucker Punch added to Infamous 2 is that everyone who purchases the game, and has a PlayStation Network account, can create their own unique missions throughout the city for others around the world to play. Not so much on the level as LittleBigPlanet, but very cool to play around with.

We are told that more features will be added later this fall that will support this mode to keep it interesting, as well as Move Support. When in a game, the special user created content pops up on your map showing you the location that their mission takes place. This adds endless amount of fun to the game and should keep the game in players libraries for a very long time.

The Final Truth:

Infamous 2 was an awesome game to play through. Sandbox-third-person-action game fans will find lots of enjoyment out of this release and in many ways, like it more than the original. The addition of co-op would have been cool, since Nix and Kuo work along side Cole in many parts throughout the game, and the AI needed an upgrade. Other than that the game is fluid and truly showcases what the PlayStation 3 is capable of. Is there room for a third one? Absolutely. Once Sucker Punch closes out on Sly 4 I am sure we will see Cole back again but with the addition of UCC (User Created Content) Infamous 2 should remain in your PS3 for a while.
[xrr label=”Rating: 8.5/10″ rating=8.5/10]

+ Immersive Story.
+ Solid Gameplay.
+ Morality Choices.
+ User Created Content.
Dumb AI.
No Co-Op.
Can get boring if your not on a mission.
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