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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

E3 2011: Super Mario 3D Hands-On Impressions

The Tanooki suit is easy one of the most recognizable, not to mention unique, representations of the Super Mario series. The suit not only identifies with many for its “innocence”, but it’s downright too cute to dislike. Super Mario 3D will be definitely be bringing in the tail and providing players with a unique 3D experience.

The game itself is very reminiscent of Super Mario 64. While it was only the demo, the fields of green were scaled down enough to feel comfortable on the Nintendo3DS. The 3D in the game was done exceptionally well. That is almost a big duh for anyone expecting anything less than the developer to produce a less than par game for their own console.

The game shapes up to be a fun experience. Platforming to hit Goomba’s with raccoon tails, to beating the clock on those small challenges, the game is already shaping up to be a great experience. Items that were newly introduced in the recent Mario games, such as the challenge coins that are in places that you would only find if you were curious enough to look for them, were in elevated and harder to reach places. It was also great to see the animations with Mario to get to these places, as jumping and floating to another portion of land was done in a similar SM 2 meets raccoon SM 3, in which Mario was half running-half floating along.

Some of the things that you will find similar in this version as in the others are things like the swiftly changing question block, which delivers an almost randomized power up, to things like the Tanooki suit. Of course the fire flower and mushroom make their inevitable return. Another familiar item is the flagpole ending to the level that Mario now can catapult onto for showboating hot dog finish.

While there was only a limited amount of time to play the demo, it was very reassuring that it was going to be a must buy for 3DS owners. Having a Nintendo console in general and not owning Mario game is like using restroom without a toilet seat cover. You just don’t do it.

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