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Published on June 2nd, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Here’s Your First Look at The Darkness II in Action

If you haven’t been looking forward to stepping back into the shoes of Jackie Estacado, I have something that might change your mind. In this gameplay trailer we see our old friend Jackie busting caps while using the Darkness’ tentacles to toss guys like cheap confetti or tear them in half in a way that would make Kratos blush. In the trailer we see a few new gameplay features such as “quad wielding” which allows Jackie to use weapons and tentacles at the same time, picking up fan blades to throw and cut enemies in half, using objects as a shield and varied ways to finish opponents off.

We also get a brief look at some story elements which shows Jackie being haunted by his dead girlfriend while being hunted by a man who wants the Darkness all for himself. The game is looking good so far. Be sure to stick around GAMINGtruth because we plan on hunting The Darkness II down next week and checking it out ourselves during E3 2011.

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