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Published on May 31st, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

CoD News Leak, Gamer Wallets Weep

(Favorite Tweet of the night)

It wasn’t too long ago on this dreary night, that Brink was booted up on my screen. My Xbox 360 hummed along as shots were fired through the maps. Just as it was about to be called a night, Twitter started to spark with some fuel, and of course, fire.

One poor soul, Nick Wingfield from the Wall Street Journal, apparently leaked the embargoed information about a day early that other sites out there still under the agreement. While it is not surprising that there was an early report about something in the gaming world, it seems as though it might be some of the most abrasive news that gamers could have heard.

What we are inferring from this Call of Duty: Elite news, is that players will can be expecting yet another hike in the price they must pay for the games that they play. The dashboard will provide them with similar attributes that can be seen in a Bungie.net type setting.

The pricing for this content will be about in the ball park range of that of other “online-entertainment services.” The fee will be included on top of the fee already charged for Xbox LIVE. There is no telling what future this will have for PlayStation 3 owners who play online. While the fee is seen as an “investment” in order to maintain the base the company has generated, it does seem like a strategic effort to rake in money-hand over fist.

Source: WSJ.com, Nick Wingfield, This article

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