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Published on May 23rd, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

“Epic” Game is Epic?

Grip Games has opened a teaser website for their new game. So far the game carries no title, but Grip is promising something … epic.

Not much is known about the game beyond what the website reveals. From what I can gather, the game will be downloadable on the PSN. The ESRB is throwing a “Teen” rating at it and PEGI is promising both Violence and Bad Language. So far, so good.

We see a guy in the image who shops at the same store as Duke Nukem. He’s fighting zombies, aliens, robots, some pissed off GI and, from what I see in the background, the Spartan army. Possibly. We’ll most likely see some ninjas too. And pirates. All this visual imagery of impending violence is supported by a soundtrack that Kratos would be happy to slaughter thousands of helpless harpies to. This “epic” game certainly has some class.

What is officially known is the game will be released exclusively for the PlayStation Network some time in July 2011.

The countdown gives us (unless my math is failing me-again) until May 29 to sit on the edge of our seats, sweating in anticipation for some “epic” news.

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