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Published on May 18th, 2011 | by Ken Yarbrough, Editor

Sony Security Failing Again?

Initially reported by Nyleveia, and allegedly confirmed by Eurogamer.

Reports are suggesting that Sony’s request for users to reset their passwords, may have incidentally opened them up to a new round of attacks.

The exploit allows hackers to change user passwords via the PSN password reset page, using just the user’s PSN account email, and their date of birth: Two pieces of information readily available from the initial attacks.

As a result, the PSN sign-in is temporarily down on a number of Sony sites.

UPDATE: Sony is claiming that this is not a security exploit (straight from the source), but rather a phishing scam. Either way, this is a security measure, and users should be vigilant.

***UPDATE 2***: Sony is claiming that the phishing URL has been removed, and the problem is fixed.

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