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Published on May 15th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Block-Builder Xbox Indie “Total Miner: Forge” In Development

The Xbox Indies marketplace has been widely known for its use of strange and impressive Indie titles, however since the advent of FortressCraft–the so-called Minecraft-clone for the Xbox 360–many XNA developers are interested in creating their very own iteration of the block-builder genre with the signature voxel-style graphics.

Greenstone Games announces a new Minecraft-like block-builder with survival aspects, RPG elements, no in-game Xbox Live Avatar support, an impressive HUD interface, and an expansive inventory to collect and craft items. Total Miner: Forge looks to be pretty impressive in it’s use of these attributes as well as the classic retro-style low res graphics, and seems to be quite close to the Minecraft-esque genre.

While FortressCraft promises to have later iterations which will build upon the first game’s (FC: Creation) missing content, such as the RPG, survival, and item-crafting elements that are incorporated in Minecraft, Total Miner: Forge promises to include those features right at the start.

Akin to another previously announced game called CraftWorld, Total Miner: Forge seems to utilize the same lower resolution style that Minecraft implements, and it seems to mirror the game in terms of graphics and visuals.

Also Total Miner: Forge announces that it is a hybrid that combines aspects from the Xbox Indie Miner Dig Deep along with the PC voxel juggernaut Minecraft, bringing MC’s interface and survival aspects with the XBLIG’s digging infrastructure.

The game is quite impressive looking and with no gimmick features like Xbox Live avatars, the game is more of a standard video game with objectives, items, a HUD interface with a mini-map, instead of being a bland block-builder with no objectives or story arc. The details of Total Miner’s story line are vague and it’s unclear if there will even be a story…yet the images and screenshots seem to be entertaining enough so that gamers won’t expect an expansive plotline.

For more information please Follow TotalMiner and the development studio, Greenstone Games, on Twitter for instant updates.

To see the Twitpic Gallery in it’s entirety, click here. Also be sure to pay attention to the #TotalMiner Twitter hashtag for updates and hints on in-game features.

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