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Published on May 13th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Rampant Hacking

The hackers strike again! It’s not as bad as the PlayStation Network situation, but all of this hacking is pretty annoying. Unless…

If it’s all the evil plan of a kitty cat then hack away, good sir.

Now then.

The truth:

Square Enix reveals how much information, and what information, was taken when they were hacked by Sir-Pounce-a-lot (pictured above). (Editor’s note: Cats have nothing to do with this, and the kitty above is not from Dragon Age.)

The PlayStation Network hack could cost Capcom a lot of money.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 has not been canceled. Granted, we haven’t heard much from the developer about the sequel to one of the best game’s ever created.

Modern Warfare 3 details have been leaked. Meh.

Sir-Pounce-a-lot strikes again! The Deus Ex website has been hacked.

FINISH HIM! A Mortal Kombat collection is making its way to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

Chrono Trigger is heading to the Virtual Console. It will cost only $8 to own this RPG masterpiece.

A Q & A with Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games.

Modern Warfare 3 Teaser:

The reviews:

Moon Diver

Moon Diver resurrected the legacy of the Strider game series with it’s use of fast-paced side-scrolling action and arcade gameplay dynamics, all with great graphics and special effects that compliment gameplay and make it a memorable gaming experience. Play with up to four friends on Xbox Live or locally via splitscreen, customize four different characters each with their own abilities and bonuses, and enjoy many levels within the intriguing story arc while fighting an array of enemies and huge bosses.

The game encourages co-op play by offering unique MoonSault Combinations, the skills and abilities utilized by players in gameplay. While playing in tandem with another player, these MC abilities will be used without draining MP, providing quite an advantage for those playing local or online co-op.


Although there is added value in the upgrades, there are a few things that players might not like. One of those things would be how upgrades are acquired. It is sometimes hard to shell out additional funds for functions in the game when you have already purchased the game, let alone completed the areas. There are a few in which that come available after completing, or upgrading your character. The game sits at a $0.99 price tag, which is fairly decent for this title. If you are looking for decent length title, that is actually fun to play, it should be an easy purchase.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Super Street Fighter 3D Edition is a solid choice if you are new to picking up the new handheld. It features all the great additions that its console brother features, as well as the new “Dynamic” mode. Is it worth a pick up if you are a 3DS owner? If you’re the least bit interested in fighting games or Street Fighter in general, then absolutely. Capcom made a great port of an already great game.

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