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Published on May 10th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

XNA Devs Can Now Pick Release Dates for XBLIG’s

Big news from the App Hub–the central website for XNA/XBLIG developers and news, updates and information–now Xbox Indie developers can choose the release date of their Xbox Indie titles after the game itself passes the required Peer Review process.

This feature has been desired by many for quite some time, and all of the developers herald it as a great function that will bring new customization to the service itself.

Before, developers had no control over the publishing process as the title would be released after a short period after passing Peer Review–Microsoft’s internal system where the XNA community itself “rates” and “reviews” all games. This Peer Review process determines if a game passes, or fails–failed games are deemed unfit to be released and developers can fix bugs and change the content in order to try again.

Here are a few screenshots from the official announcement page featured on the App Hub website. A link to the original App Hub page can be found here.

Final Truth: This addition to the XNA Community serves as proof that Microsoft is listening, and they are taking measures to make the XBLIG service a better place for developers, community members, and players.


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