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Published on May 6th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Mass Effect 3 Delayed

A lot of video game happenings took place this week – and we have them all in the round-up. Chief among them is another planned attack on the PlayStation Network. So, if you’re a PlayStation 3 owner, why not relax a bit away from the stolen information debacle and go catch a movie? Word has it that Thor is damn good. I’d love to go see it, but the theater on my island in Alaska only has two movies playing tonight – both a month old. Ah well, guess it’s another reason to do some extra work until it comes here in June.

Now on to the news.

The truth:

Check out what Sega Saturn game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations has been unveiled.

Sony is sorry for the hack, and a new round of attacks is being planned.

Mass Effect 3 has been delayed. This eliminates one contender for Game of the Year, a title I now think Portal 2 is going to win.

More Fallout: New Vegas DLC is on the way. This is both good and bad. Good because I love the new Fallout titles, but bad because when I do eventually have time to play them I will be losing a lot of hours to the game.

Sony Online Entertainment has also lost your information to hackers… Splendid.

The reviews:

Hack This Game

Hack This Game is a truly unique puzzle game with elements of computer network hacking simulation. Although it’s can be frustrating to most players–I can honestly see many gamers out there being perplexed at first but then ultimately figuring it out and enjoying it. It’s a challenging title but it’s not impossible and it utilizes interesting gameplay elements and concepts as well as testing player’s wits and reflexes in an original blend of hacking-sim and puzzler.

Avatar Workout

Avatar Workout is sort of a kid’s game that many gamers can enjoy and is appropriate for players of all ages. It was designed for family-oriented play, and involves a fun gaming experience that players can enjoy when playing against a friend or alone against a CPU. It’s also a game that can teach children how to use memory skills in a fun gaming atmosphere, which makes it sort of a learning game as well.

Conduit 2

Conduit 2 is by leaps and bounds, a superior successor. The graphics, gameplay, and controls are some of the biggest improvements of the game. Although the storyline was highly immersive, there is no telling where High Voltage will lead us next on this alien conspiracy theory/wild goose chase that we now have become a part of. There were a few day-one bugs that might have hindered those without an internet connection with the same feeling of being locked out of your house knowing the person inside cannot hear you to let you in. The multiplayer looked very promising, but might leave some a little disappointed in the layout. Conduit 3 could very well be a top contender in the next generation for Nintendo’s upcoming console. It is a must own if you played The Conduit, or are looking for a FPS experience on the Wii that is truly a High Voltage Nintendo Wii experience.

Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad combines elements that fans of action shooters have all come to expect and enjoy: explosive firefights, overwhelming armies of enemies, and crazy firearms with incredible potential for devastation. Annihilate enemy forces with an array of guns like the Black Hole Cannon or the famed Zeus Rod, all the while enjoying 4-player co-op play with friends locally or over Xbox Live. For an Xbox Live Indie Game, Apha Squad is a true must-have title that provides quality content not found anywhere else on the marketplace today.

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