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Published on May 6th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Parkour Runner Ilabaca goes Head-to-Head with Brink

If there was one thing I didn’t cover very completely in my Brink hands-on preview, it would be the SMART system. SMART, or the Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain system, allows players to jump and leap parkour-style over objects and off walls.

The primary reason why I didn’t cover it very well is simple: I had no idea how to utilize to its maximum potential; I played the game with two feet on the ground like I have with every prior FPS I played.

Luckily, Splash Damage can provide us with a couple of professionals doing what they do best. In the video below, professional parkour runner Daniel Ilabaca goes toe-to-toe with an experienced Brink player. Who will be crowned best parkour champ? Watch and make the call.

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