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Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

RPG Platformer Mashup Indie “Terraria” In Development

Terraria is an incredible-looking upcoming Indie Game currently in development that combines many of gamers’ favorite aspects into one big pile of awesome. Take RPG elements like attributes, skills, weapons, and mash them together with 2D side-scrolling action and bit-style graphics, then inject a whole lotta Minecraft-like world customization, and you have a giant platter of Indie goodness.

This game looks to be one of the most entertaining PC Indies currently in development in terms of gameplay elements and mechanics, and it has received wide acclaim–the YouTube video linked below has over 147,000 views. Many gamers and developers alike are looking forward to this title.

Along with RPG, Platformer, Action Adventure and world-building elements, this game also features online play where gamers can play with their friends. PvP is also available for this title, so players can go head-to-head with other players in teams and one-on-one.

Terraria will be available in “less than a few months” on PC, and the development team is currently thinking about bringing it to iOS and Xbox–most likely as an Xbox Live Indie Game, but perhaps it could be an XBLA release. The price of Terraria is currently in discussion, however it’s assumed it won’t be an expensive game.

For more information on Terraria, please visit the Official Terraria homesite for updates, screenshots, and video of the game in action.

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