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Published on April 28th, 2011 | by Ken Yarbrough, Editor

Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Edition: Abyssea Collection coming to Windows!

Today, Square Enix LTD. announced that it will be releasing a full package of Final Fantasy XI content released to date.

In commemoration of it’s ninth anniversary, Square Enix will be releasing a special version of it’s massively popular MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI, for download for Windows on May 16th. It will be available via Steam, Nexway and Metaboli.

This special edition will include all four expansions, from Rise of the Zilart, to Wings of the Goddess. It will also include all add-on scenarios, as well as the add-on battle areas: Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea, and Heroes of Abyssea. Finally, all purchases of the Abyssea Collection will receive a special in-game item, the Destrier Beret, an in-game item loaded with bonuses to help new players get started, and which is pretty adorable to boot!

Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Edition: Abyssea Collection will be available in all regions that FFXI is available. Namely, North America, Europe, and Japan. Pricing details have not yet been revealed.

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