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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

SpiderPodium Tablet Hardware Review

Developer: Breffo
MSRP: US $34.99

We had the chance to get our hands on the new device from Breffo that helps iPad users type better and watch videos without the scare of your device falling. Mobile users can actually use the device to hold their phones or other mobile electronics in ways that “straps” have problems holding.

The nicest way the device was used was as a holder for my phone which was attached to the dashboard of my car, so using the GPS without my phone sliding all over the place worked extremely well. You never have to worry about the device falling or sliding, even when braking hard. The SpiderPodium also functions very well as a headrest holder for phones or tablets so people sitting in the back can watch videos. Think of it as a headrest TV without it being built in.

The SpiderPodium is made of a steel alloy that is resistant to hot and cold temperatures and the alloy is covered by a silicon rubber, thus making it flexible into anyway you can dream of.

The one problem I found with the device is the SpiderPodium can’t seem to hold my iPad with the Apple cover I had on it. Granted the Apple cover also functions as a weak stand, but would have looked good if I could have left it on with the use of the SpiderPodium. Pricing could have been a bit better. I believe that $34.99 for a SpiderPodium is a bit overpriced but the usage for it is limitless.

The SpiderPodium Tablet can be found at Amazon,, and Focus Camera. Although you will find the device in smaller retailer chains, it is likely you will soon find the SpiderPodium in larger chains.

Final Truth:
The SpiderPodium is a unique device that can hold your electronic devices without problems. It can bend in any direction you see fit, and the rubber that the exterior is made of keeps it in place without sliding. If you ask me “is the device worth the money”? Yes it is, especially for travel. Home use may be a little less functional but for traveling it’s genius.

[xrr label=”Rating: 7/10″ rating=7/10]
+ Bend in any way you wish
+ Fits nearly any device
+ Securely holds electronic device
– Price
– Hard to fit snug on a tablet

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