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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Bryant Kazmerzak, Contributor

‘Anonymous’ Isn’t Our Personal Army

I am seeing a frightening trend on news sites like N4G and Kotaku, and it’s really freaky – People, garnering for pageviews, are using the cyber-activist group “Anonymous” as a tool.

It’s despicable.

Let me shed some light here.

First of all, Anonymous has no rules, only a guideline – And that guideline is that “Anonymous isn’t your personal army”. Meaning, going to IRC servers and 4Chan and AnonNews and making fake statements, fake releases, and fake comments, or going on your own blog site and making fake announcements that “Anonymous is attacking Sony!” or “The PSN is down because of Anonymous!” or “Anonymous did this!” is wrong. Very, very wrong. I see a page on N4G that is almost at a thousand degrees, and what does the page link to? A site with a paragraph and a half of text at best, saying what anyone could have said easily in a tweet. In fact, they should have tweeted it and put the tweet itself on N4G.

You should be ashamed of yourself. And the fact that you have claimed to have gone into an IRC channel and spoken with a member of Anonymous is probably true, but the thing is that one person cannot be the voice of a hive of individuals. Anonymous doesn’t have a central command structure. They act on chaos. To quote the Joker: “I don’t have a plan […] I just do…”.

So this is a message to all the people who are participating in this trend: Stop.


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