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Published on April 21st, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Impressive Zombie Indie “Dead Shift” in Development

Dead Shift, a new zombie apocalypse game with free-roam aspects seen in games like the Grand Theft Auto series, is in currently in development to be released to the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace and PC.

The title utilizes aspects gamers will enjoy such as using nearby objects as weapons–such as nail guns, tire irons, and even road-signs. Players will also be able to drive pretty much every vehicle that’s seen in the game to run over hordes of zombies and has a quite interactive environment.

Dead Shift has amazing graphics and astounding visuals that will assuredly break new barriers for XNA development in terms of 3D renders and the overall graphics and physics engines. The screenshots reveal the game’s high quality dynamics and the YouTube videos showcase the game’s elements, physics mechanics, and more.

This game is planned to be released for both PC and XBLIG marketplace. The Xbox version is prepared to be sold for 240 MSP ($3) and the PC port is planned to be released for free, but that is subject to change.

Fans have been excited about this game since it was announced to be in development, and it’s currently slated for a release “sometime in 2011”.

It’s unclear if the game will be ready for the upcoming Dream Build Play contest where XNA developers put their skills to the test and are judged for a chance for their game to cross over to the XBLA market or be released on Steam. Recent winners of the DBP include James Silva’s highly popular Dishwasher: The Dead Samurai games from Ska Studios and the more recent Dust: An Elysian Tale from Humble Hearts.

PolyVector, the sole developer who’s building this enticing 3D Xbox Indie zombie title, has received a wide amount of views on his YouTube Channel: 44,617 total Channel Views and a whopping 3,018, 297 Total Upload Views. It seems gamers around the world are ecstatic about this upcoming zombie apocalypse Indie, and the six-part video series shows off all the elements and dynamics of the game itself.

The first part of the video series is embedded below.

[jwplayer mediaid=”26116″]

For more information on Dead Shift visit the official Dead Shift homesite, Follow Poly Vector on Twitter for instant updates, and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube Channel for more vidocs and videos on the upcoming game.

PolyVector, the developer behind this game, is a part of Punk Labs–a software company that focuses on useful apps such as Rocket Dock and UberIcon.

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