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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

What we know about “Project Cafe”?

The internet has been a buzz with Nintendo news since the leak of a possible “Wii 2” reveal. We now have some answers to some of the questions that have been brewing about this “New Console”. We are told that the system is an HD system that will feature a standard dual-sticks, d-pad and triggers. It will mimic the Gamecube controller in some ways but take on a different form. We are also told that there will be a six inch LED screen embedded into the control that will be touch sensitive, and full console games will have the ability to stream to the wireless controller/device. “Think of it as a six inch television on your controller.”

Nintendo also has plans on showing off a couple third party and first party titles for the new unit. Say hello to Mario, Link and Samus again. Expect announcements leading up to the BIG reveal at E3 2011!

[UPDATE] Some spec reports have surfaced and the console is to have a a custom IBM PowerPC CPU with three cores, a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM.

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