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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Kole Ross, Editor

Help Valve Release Portal 2 Early!

Dearest friends, I’m going to level with you. I have Portal 2 sitting on my computer right now. Pre-purchased and pre-loaded. It’s waving at me, in a lonely fashion, from my Steam library. The real tragedy is that, as if in exile, Portal 2 cannot fulfill its destiny to bring me into a state of childlike glee.

I’m not an ethicist, but I am a decent man who can identify an injustice when I see it.

There’s a better way, and if we all pull together, I won’t have to wait until Tuesday to set my friend free.

Valve has issued an ultimatum:  In order to release Portal 2 early, which they desperately want to do, they need everyone to play indie games from the Potato Sack Bundle. In doing so, you contribute your CPU cycles to assist in powering up the mighty Portal 2 apparatus (which I imagine looks something like this).

This is the culmination of a massive ARG used to promote Portal 2, as if that was necessary. The initiative, called GLaDoS@Home, keeps track of how long the games are played. If we don’t fill the progress bars up by Tuesday, the game will release as planned.

The Potato Sack Bundle is actually a great deal, containing some of the best indie games released over the past year, including Super Meat Boy and Killing Floor. As an added bonus, many of the games have been patched to include Portal-influenced levels and themes.

I will contribute to this glorious effort by replaying Amnesia: The Dark Descent with the developer commentary on. If you’ll excuse me, there’s science to do.

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