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Published on April 15th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Atlus Offers Chance to be Featured in Catherine Video

Atlus is putting together a contest, with the prize being a chance to be featured in an upcoming Catherine video. Catherine, the companies first HD console release, features love, nightmares, sheep and what seems to be a lot of sexual tension between the main characters.

Watch the video below and read the official rules under it to find out how to enter. The contest deadline is April 22, and the game comes out this summer for both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. If you’re a little lost on what to do, check out one of the responses here.

Film your answers to the above, alone or with your significant other (if you’ve got the stomach for it), and upload it as a DIRECT VIDEO RESPONSE to this trailer here on YouTube. Your submission MUST be 720p in resolution, and it must adhere to a few other fine print rules, which you can read below.

We can’t wait to hear what some of you have to say, and more importantly, for you all to be able to check out Catherine when it hits North America this Summer.


1) No Purchase Necessary.

2) Eligibility
Open to residents of U.S. and Canada, 18 years or older. Videos must be uploaded by 5:00 p.m. PDT on April 22, 2011 for consideration. Videos must be uploaded as a DIRECT VIDEO RESPONSE to the official “Catherine: Be In Our Trailer!” video posted by AtlusUSA—no exceptions. Which fan responses will be used, in part or in full, is at the sole discretion of Atlus. Submitting a video response does not guarantee that the video will be included in the fan response compilation trailer. Videos MUST be 720p; videos that are not at least at this resolution will not be considered for inclusion in the final compilation trailer. No music should be playing in the background.

Entries containing lewd, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content, such as but not limited to profanity, nudity, and/or vulgar gestures will be rejected. Any videos submitted that depict illegal or criminal behaviors or activities will be rejected and will immediately be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials, along with any information pertaining to said entrants. Submissions may not infringe on any rights not belonging to the entrant, unless granted permission by the proper owner of said rights. Any submission found to infringe on the rights of any person/persons without their explicit written consent will be rejected. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they have permission to publicly display all objects or persons in their submission.

Entries that do not follow official rules as stated will not be approved and visible to the public as official video responses, nor will they be considered for inclusion in the final trailer.

3) Inclusion in Catherine Fan Trailer
Certain video responses, chosen at the discretion of Atlus, will be included—in part or in full—in a promotional trailer for Catherine. By submitting a direct video response to the “Catherine: Be In Our Trailer!” participants waive all rights to their videos. The fan responses will be compiled and edited at the discretion of Atlus without any prior consultation or notification with the submitter.

4) Privacy Policy
Entrants grant Atlus full rights to use content submitted for future promotional purposes. By submitting a video response to the “Catherine: Be In Our Trailer!” video, participants agree to the official rules as stated above, without exception.

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