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Published on April 14th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nintendo Responds to Rumors

Well, if you want to know about something you simply ask, right? Well at first glimpse of rumors regarding a new console, it was something that I wanted to know about ASAP. Coming from a long line of Nintendo products, it is always great to see the household name bringing in a newer console. So, whats the word on the newest rumors? According to the PR company that handles Nintendo news, simply this:

Nintendo doesn’t respond to rumors.

In the mean time we can only look for speculation and wait for someone to spill the beans on the next console that wont be a “gimmick”, even though the Wii’s longevity and creativity have no doubt pushed competitors to develop newer technology in order to fight back in the console wars. Sounds like a predecessor to the Clone Wars.

What can we expect from Nintendo? The promises of HD gaming? After seeing the creativity with the release of the Nintendo3DS, we will undoubtedly see the growth and expansion of 3D/HD and a sure enough, a console to yet again make believers out of doubters.

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