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Published on April 13th, 2011 | by Kole Ross, Editor

PlayStation 3 Steam Details Revealed

The funny thing about portals is, they tend to take something from one place and move them to another. Example: how Portal 2 is bringing Steam to the PlayStation 3.

The details remained murky, with Valve saying little beyond “It’ll be great” and “the PS3 is our lead console version.” However, Steam’s support page clarifies the features that will be available to PS3 users.

The killer feature is the possibility of cross-platform co-op play between the PlayStation 3 and Mac/PC versions of the game. This is made possible through a Steam overlay, which provides access to your Steam and PSN friends lists. Portal 2’s Trophies and Steam Achievements will also sync up, making sure that you’ll always get credit for your in-game feats of teleportery.

The PS3 version will also be compatible with Steam Cloud, which will allow you to save your progress to Steam’s servers. A word of caution: PS3 saves aren’t compatible with other versions of the game.

All of this is achieved by linking your PSN account with your Steam account, or creating a new Steam account in-game.

Most surprising, however, is that the PS3 version of the game will have a code in the box, which entitles the owner to a free version of the game playable on Mac/PC.

This, constant reader, is the most consumer-friendly thing I’ve seen in years. Hopefully the game is a success, and we start seeing more of it.

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