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Published on April 13th, 2011 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

Craftworld: Another “Minecraft Clone” In Development

Just to clarify the so-called “Minecraft clone” term is used because some gamers still don’t know that the PC Indie block-builder (Minecraft) is actually heavily influenced by other titles such as Infiniminer and Dwarf Fortress.

The term is implemented to describe any block-building game that utilizes the signature voxel style graphics and revolves around constructing a world with blocks.

We’ve all heard about FortressCraft, and how it’s what people call a “Minecraft clone”. The incredibly popular Xbox Live Indie block-builder (FC) has sold over thirty thousand copies in it’s first day of release, making it the official record holder for an XBLIG release.

Most gamers don’t know that there is yet another so-called “Minecraft clone” coming to the Xbox 360: Craftworld by 2.0 Studios. The developers plan for chapter releases, similar to FortressCraft’s plan, each chapter offering new features and additions to the game itself.

What is Craftworld, you may ask? Well think Minecraft in it’s entirety: enemies and other features that were left out in FortressCraft’s Chapter 1 build are promised in this upcoming Xbox Indie block-builder:

Craftworld is a first person survival game, where you can change the world around you, craft useful tools and weapons and more.” –2.0 Studios’ Official Website

The first chapter will NOT offer multiplayer–that feature will be saved until the second and third iterations.

Craftworld is slated for release “sometime in April” on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace and will be “cheap and affordable”, which most likely means somewhere between 80-240 MSP.

Will 2.0 Studios’ Craftworld title fail, or will it deliver what fans had expected from the first chapter of FortressCraft? Based on FC‘s incredible success, I’d say any game that utilizes similar aspects will sell decently, depending on the features and what is offered.

For more information on the upcoming Xbox Indie Craftworld, be sure to check out the Official Craftworld Website, the FAQ Page, and 2.0 Studios’ homesite.

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