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Published on April 9th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Mass Effect Anime, MGS Clothing

If only I could start off this week’s recap with a cool Resident Evil video and the Duke. Oh, wait a minute…


Now then, let’s check out the top stories of the week.

The truth:

Operation Chastity is a film set in the Halo universe made by fans. Check it out.

Mass Effect + anime = nightmarish images.

Want to learn more about the next Silent Hill movie! Yeah, me neither, but here it is.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker clothing.

The reviews:

Steel Diver

Steel Diver plays like a lengthy arcade title. There are a few modes that offer some extended gameplay, but do not carry the depth you would find in a multiplayer experience. Also, with expectations like a time limit on each level, online leaderboards would do quite a bit to see where you stand against other players. The game feels like its stuck between a digital download and a retail release. Although it does have its limits, it does have a good amount of challenges and levels to complete. This is a great title to go back to and play, but does little to boast the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

Tiger Woods 2012: The Masters

Tiger 2012 was a really solid game. This year’s greatest addition was one of the most historic golfing landmarks in Augusta National. There are some nuances that the series can’t seem to shake, but overall the addition out-weighed the short comings. This was the direction that the series needed and the game did a much better job on execution than 2011 did. The dominant version has to be the PlayStation 3 due to the variations of game play from dual-shock to Move support. It offers a wider variety, but you really can’t go wrong with any version. Tiger took his best approach-shot and left a solid foundation for future versions.

Back to the Future Episode III: Citizen Brown

After Get Tannen! ended I was left feeling hopeful for the continuing increase of quality for the final three episodes of Back to the Future The Game. But after the first episode jogged out the gate, Citizen Brown causes the game to stumble to a crawl. By now we’re three episodes in and gamers who have made it this far are already committed to finishing the series. I can only hope that the next episode, Double Visions, brings the game back up to speed, making Citizen Brown the only speed bump on our way to hitting 88 mph.

Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 is different than Origins, but it’s still damn good. Seeing the story come full circle and evolve in the second game is a treat, and seeing decisions made in Origins and Awakening turn into quests, be mentioned throughout and actually make valuable changes to your Dragon Age 2 experience is an even bigger treat. Fans of the series will eat it up, but those who want to start at the second game will want to give Origins a play first to better understand the world, lore and better appreciate the story.

The Tempura of the Dead

Tempura of the Dead is an action-packed and highly enjoyable 2D side-scrolling Xbox Indie that die-hard geeks and gamers will be enthralled with. Even though it was released in November of 2010, the game is still popular and highly acclaimed even today. Remaining one of the truly classic renditions of vintage early 8-bit-style gaming in the Xbox Indies marketplace, Tempura of the Dead is an excellent choice for gamers who want a nostalgic experience for an affordable price.

The rant:

EA gets sued. Stupidity ensues.

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