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Published on April 5th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Tiger Woods 2012: The Masters Review

Platform: Playstation 3 [Reviewed], Xbox 360, Wii
MSRP: $59.99 (360 & PS3) $49.99 (Wii)
Developer: EA Tiburon

The Masters is one of the most prestigious events in Golf History. The name itself carries with it a lot of history and tradition. There have been a lot of solid reasons as to why the popular golf course of Augusta, Georgia never saw it’s landmarks in any golf game to date, but in this year’s version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, that all changes. In Tiger 2011 we saw some changes that were not so pleasant, but this year we get a slicker look of a more polished golf game that has been growing in popularity for years. Do the changes to this years mechanics and the central point of the Masters out swing the year prior? Easily.

The overall mechanics of the game have not changed much since 2011. The “Focus-Aim” mechanic is still present from last year, which is a solid addition and makes shot placement much easier. This way you are not aiming at what you think is fairway when it is a tree line instead. Putting spin on your shots is still just as difficult as before and you will use your left and right analogue sticks to control the spin. If the weather is bad you will have to adjust your spin per shot to compensate for the weather effects that the game has to offer.

Your virtual caddy turns out to be pretty useful, especially for new players. Before every shot you take, your personal caddy will offer you a couple of different approaches to your shot along with a couple of clubs to line it up. Your caddy will also advise you on the power to use, which you can adjust in mid swing by checking the power meter that appears on screen.

The story mode is one of the best story modes for the Tiger series that I have ever played. You will have a couple of different options here. The first is your standard “Create-A-Character”, take him through Amateur Leagues, Qualifying school, and then tournaments until he/she is invited to compete in the Masters tournament. The grind to becoming a superstar still weighs heavy on the series and is still very annoying, but is much improved over previous entries.

With the story being centered around a trip to The Masters, there are a few extra “Masters Themed” modes that give this game it’s flair. Thinking back to NBA 2K11 and the “Jordan Moments”, Tiger offers “The Masters Moments”. There are nine moments in which you will take control over a certain golfer and hit historic and iconic shots that were all hit at Augusta National. There is also “The Tiger moments” mode in which you will play as Tiger as he wins his four Masters Titles. There is a catch and that is to either match, or beat his score from those tournaments.

( The detail is amazing )

The game is beautiful to look at. The realistic weather effects and the fact that the weather actually effects your game play is amazing. The courses themselves are extremely detailed. With a game centered on the most prestigious course in history, Augusta national is inch-by-inch detailed. Tiger 12 shipped with sixteen golf courses on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, while the Wii version shipped with twenty five. There are extra courses up for DLC, and those courses can be implemented in the story mode as well.

Online play is just what you are used to. You can compete head to head with your friends in standard stroke play, or challenges. All the courses are open to you and three others to share a fun round of golf, and after playing a few rounds it is easy to see that there are going to be plenty of YouTube moments. You can pick a standard golfer to play or choose to your created character from the story mode. The only downfall is once you are done with a few rounds you feel like you have touched all corners of what the multiplayer has to offer. However, a round of golf with your friends every now and then is always fun and full of laughs.

Playing the game with “Move” controllers was probably the best way to play. The motion seemed fluid and easy to use. The game will put you into a first person mode called “TrueAim”, and you will look directly down at the ball and follow through until your ball is in flight. With motion controls it does not seem to take anything away from the graphic fidelity or frame-rate.

The Final Truth:
Tiger 2012 was a really solid game. This years greatest addition was one of the most historic golfing landmarks in Augusta National and features some key elements that made 2K’s NBA 2K11 great. From “Tiger moments”, to “The Masters Moments” take control of the masters and emerse yourself into the event. There are some nuances that the series can’t seem to shake, but overall the addition out-weighed the short comings. This was the direction that the series needed and did a much better job on execution than 2011 did. The dominate version has to be the Playstation 3 due to the variations of game play from dual-shock to Move support. It offers a wider variation, but you really can’t go wrong with any version. Tiger took his best approach-shot and left a solid foundation for future versions.

[xrr label=”Rating: 8/10″ rating=8/10]
+ Graphically Amazing
+ Detailed
+ Augusta nationa
+ Better Single Player
+ “Masters Moments”
– Commentary can get annoying
– Character Grind is a pain

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