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Published on March 28th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Review

Developer: Freeform Communication / Atari
Platform: PlayStation 3 Network, Xbox 360 Live Arcade [Reviewed]
Release: March 23, 2011
MSRP: $10.00 / 800 MSP

I have to admit that I love Ghostbusters. I’ve enjoyed not only the movies and cartoons, but also the latest retail released from 2009. I thought that title was ambitious and featured a very interesting story that I actually felt connected to, much like I did with the movies. This game, however, was a huge derail.

For a Ghostbusters game to be on the right track, the story has to be entertaining. This game features the worst story line of any Ghostbusters product I have ever seen. You assume the role of a rookie Ghostbuster, and the story is told through a series of comic strips. There is no dialogue, or no interactions between characters, everything is presented as text. This is a huge disappointment, considering the Ghostbusters name is heavily character driven.

The last game was a third-person, Gears of War-style shooter, but Sanctum of Slime is a top-down, twin-stick shooter that features four player co-op via online or local play. You’ll take the team through 12 levels of different environments filled with ghosts and ghouls, all of which are identified by their colors. You will face red, blue and yellow demons, and you will have to shoot and capture the ghouls by using the corresponding color on your proton pack to catch them.

The levels are so boring and unimaginative that I got tired of playing the game about halfway through. I finally finished offline, but the game is simply not interesting, either online or off. There is no drop-in/drop-out component, and that is the same online and offline.

The game’s AI is awful, but at least your computerized partners will revive you fairly quickly when you’re knocked out. On the other hand, when fighting ghosts they never seem to use the right corresponding proton pack when fighting, and run toward the ghost when they should be keeping their distance.

The game is difficult when playing alone, and you will see yourself getting knocked down frequently. Progression is a bit of a disaster, and going from room to room gets to be awfully boring. You will transition from one locked room to another locked room, fighting off the ghosts until the doors magically unlock.

The Final Truth:
The Ghostbusters‘ arcade debut is a huge disappointment, and that’s coming from an avid fan. From horrible AI, lackluster story and poor multiplayer components, to lack of character interaction, this is an arcade game you should steer very clear of this release. For 800 MS Points this seems almost like robbery, even if you are a die-hard fan. Trust me, it left me heartbroken.
[xrr label=”Rating: 4/10″ rating=4/10]
+ Top Down Co-Op Shooter
Horrible AI
Same mission structure
Horrible Story
No Character Interaction
No Drop In / Drop Out
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