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Published on March 18th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Fighting for the Homefront

A lot has happened in the gaming world. I swear the months before summer never used to be this busy. We have quite a few trailers for your perusal. In addition to that, I would like to make a little recommendation: buy the new Pokemon and Dragon Age titles if you are at all interested in either–you won’t be disappointed. If you need more information, look for our Dragon Age 2 review in the coming days. Let’s do this!

The feature:

TV on the Xbox?: Three TV Shows that Should be Games.

The reviews:


Homefront is a unique game, all in all. From the relatively respectable story line, to a solid multiplayer experience, Homefront is in a league all of its own. You have to understand that this will be a title that you will enjoy thoroughly, or it will be a title you will want to get rid of just as quick as you bought it. You have to go into Homefront with the correct mentality, and not try to compare it to Call of Duty or Battlefield. It will not play like any of those two games, but offers some solid differences that those other titles do not offer. You have to give the multiplayer a chance as well, since they haven’t fixed the server issues yet, finding matches will be like pulling teeth. Sometimes keeping a lobby of your friends together is a bit difficult, but remember that this is a launch of a new IP and a lot of games have server issues on day one. Homefront is a solid experience, and left me wondering what future sequels could bring. I just wish it would have ventured out a bit more and offered more freedom to explore the elaborate world, and that the story didn’t end so abruptly.”


“While many other games out there that are movie remakes are stick to their guns to simply become a waste of time and money, Rango made the effort to stray away from these repetitive styles. Although there might be minimal replay value, the level design and gameplay are surprisingly fun. If you have an in between game on your fly or have the chance to get your hands on this title, at the least, you will have more than a few laughs.”

Major League Baseball 2K11

Major League Baseball 2K11 is a giant step up in the series from past iterations. Even though the newly revamped pitching system will either please fans or steer them away, 2K11 is the first game in years to match Sony’s counterpart, MLB 11: The Show. There are some minor flaws in the game, but nothing that is game changing or that will turn you off, but go into this years version knowing that this is for baseball fans. Think of 2K11 as a baseball sim, much like Forza is a racing sim. Batting and fielding works very well, and fans of the sport will love the addition of MLB Today. This is what all sports game should do going forward, and while NBA 2K11 did some of this, it would be nice to see EA take note of this and implement this into their Madden and NCAA franchises. 2K11 was an impressive jump forward and the fact that 2K was listening to the fans complaints from past iterations makes us excited as to what will come next.”

The truth:

Gun Loco canceled. I’ve got to admit something: I was not looking forward to this game in the slightest, and this may be a good move for the developer.

Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2 sets the stage for the third entry in the series. It will be available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 29. I’m excited for the DLC, but it’s only going to make the wait for the third title so much more difficult.

Comedy troupe Mega64 tackles Heavy Rain. I have yet to play Heavy Rain, so I haven’t watched this. However, you can count on Mega64 to deliver the laughs and shenanigans.

Dragon Age Legends is now available for free on Facebook. It’s quite the fun little RPG that feels old school, and is easy to digest in little bits. Better yet, players can unlock items and accessories for their Dragon Age 2 game on PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

Reaction to trailer above.

Parasite Eve makes its way to the PlayStation Store! It’s one of my favorite PlayStation One titles and one of Square’s best from that era. Amazingly, the quirky horror RPG gameplay mix still holds up today.

The devastating earthquake in Japan last week has had ramifications for the game industry. Thankfully the world has responded with money and help. More details on how you can help are linked to inside the story.

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