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Published on March 15th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Victory Records Brings Noise to Supremacy MMA

“Turn that music down!” Get prepared to already hear your folks, roommates or significant other ask you to throw on your head phones or possibly throw you out. Supremacy MMA will hopefully have you taking a victory lap with their inclusion of Victory Records tracks. It was announced today that 505 Games and it’s partnership with Victory Records will be bringing you some heavy music for you melee filled heavy hands in their upcoming fighter.

Here are some of the tracks and artists you can expect:

Destrophy – “Reconnect
Taproot – “Stolage”
Bury Your Dead – “Broken Body”
Emmure – “10 Signs You Should Leave
Within the Ruins – “Invade”, “Versus”, “The Carouser”, “Ataxia”, “Roads”

We love the label, and their music brings a new level of intensity to the game’s atmosphere and visceral combat.” said Ricci Rukavina, Creative Director of Kung Fu Factory.

For the past 9 years I have been attending the Vans Warped tour in the same place. While I did miss last year for the first time ever, I have had the pleasure of seeing many bands from Victory live. While I am a huge fan of Victory Records, I do think that there is an important element missing from this list. For example, why in the hell was this song not included?

Players can also “Like” Supremacy MMA on Facebook for a chance to win Emmure’s new album “Speaker of the Dead.”

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