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Published on March 8th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Epic and Crytek Show Gamers the Future of Graphics

GDC 2011 is done and gone and in its wake gamers got a good look at all the big games that will will be available later this year. But what about beyond this year? Or beyond that? Epic Games and Crytek, Two juggernauts of the graphics industry, flexed their muscles during the show and unleashed two tech demos that can cause your eyes to bleed.

Granted, we won’t be seeing graphics like this for quite some time. But it won’t hurt to start saving up now.

DISCLAIMER: If your eyes do begin bleeding while watching this graphical poetry in action, then you’ve reached your critical awesome threshold and need to stop the video immediately and take a nap.

You have been warned.

Unreal Technology:

Cryengine 3:

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