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Published on March 4th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: 3DS, Catherine and Bungie MMO

Another week filled with news and shenanigans is over with, and it is full of awesome announcements and details. Easily the most exciting ones are the 3DS details (Game Gear games for download, Neflix and free inteweb), the announcement of a U.S. version of the odd Catherine video game and a Bungie MMO. Yup, a Bungie MMO. Mull over that idea in your brain a bit.

The truth:

Wonder Twin powers activate! Shape of a shield with Gears of War 3 special, limited, epic, god’s chosen and any other edition resistance.

Why is it that everywhere else seems like to be the place to be? Why can’t Nintendo have one their biggest Pokemon launches in Alaska on my island. They will be sorry when I invent real Poke mans and take over the world. Mr. Bargas is correct in assuming I tried to board a plane to get to New York for this event, but the airport didn’t take kindly to a little Mexican man dressed up in a Bulbasaur costume and wearing a sombrero trying to play the part of stowaway.

Bungie. MMO. Sounds funny together. I’m not a fan of MMOs. The only one I’m interested in has Star Wars and BioWare associated with it. This could be interesting, however. Though the description of World of Warcraft in space has just about killed any of my interest.

I’ve never played Another World, so I’m excited to play a game I’ve heard good things about on my iPhone. iPhones rock. I’m pretty sure they will transform into tiny robots to do Apple’s bidding and take over the world soon. As long as I can still download apps I’m OK with that.

Today on Fox News: L.A. Noire DLC about a model’s (apparent) suicide has resulted in mass suicide across the nation. All kidding aside, this new bit of L.A. Noire DLC sounds like an interesting adventure.

The Nintendo 3DS gets Netflix and free internet. I can’t believe I talked myself out of being a day one adopter of this beautiful 3D displaying beast. But alas, moving to where all the game industry action is is so much more important than petting 3D dogs and kittehs. And I do love my kittehs.

Anyone remember the Game Gear? Huge, battery killer and tech a bit ahead of its time. Well, games from Sega’s handheld are making their way to the 3DS.

The very odd, and adult themed, Catherine is making its way to American shores. As an ATLUS fan, news of their first HD console game is uber exciting.

If you haven’t heard, the amazing Xenogears and Vagrant Story are now available on the PlayStation Network. Buy them. Now.

The reviews:

Googly Eyed Splitters

“This is a perfect example of what indie games are all about. Small development teams come together and put their best foot forward on a small game with big ambitions. We Are Colin nailed the formula in their recent release of Googly Eyed Splitters, and this was a fun little plat-former that will have you playing in three different worlds of forty plus levels of creativity. The best part about it, is the game is only priced at 80 MS points, so it will not make a dent in your “MS Wallet.” After seeing how well this game plays I can only hope to see future projects come down the pipe that play just as well.”

Killzone 3

“Killzone 3 is a solid game, and shows the full potential of the PlayStation 3. It may feature a lackluster story and meaningless characters, but Killzone’s solid gameplay and always-fun multiplayer keeps the game a hot commodity. Overall it’s a game that you have to experience. From beautiful environments and animations, Killzone 3 is a work of art. It fully immerses the player into the war of the ISA and the Helghast. The game has fantastic pacing and never leaves you feeling like you are playing the same levels over and over again.”

Plantronics GameCom 777

“All in all, the cans are solid, sturdy, and they do a great job of delivering what Plantronics set out to do: Meld superior sound quality with comfort and functionality. I recommend the GameCom 777′s to anyone who is tired of their old standby and who wants to invest in something a lot more substantial.”

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