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Published on March 3rd, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

GDC: Bungie Confirms Action MMO Deal with Activision

Looks like the house that Master Chief built is going completely online. Rumor of a Bungie MMO has been circling the internet for about a month or so, but David Aldridge, Bungie lead network engineer, confirmed that the studio is indeed making one for Activision. He countered claims that the team was shooting for a “World of Warcraft in space.”

Next to nothing has been announced regarding the project and Aldridge didn’t elaborate on the project. The game is most likely in very early stages of development, so information may not be available for some time. The news does come as a bit of a surprise though, Bungie has made a solid career on shooter titles. The action-based MMO may feature first-person elements however, so it might not end up as much of a tangent as some speculate.

Be sure to head back as more details will be posted when available.

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