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Published on February 27th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Nintendo3DS vs Pagers vs The World

Customers lined up outside of Yodobashi-Akiba in Tokyo, Japan in order to be the first to buy a Nintento3DS.

Did you know that in the United States there are still more than 4,000,000 pagers still in use? Most of our readers might not even know what a pager is. Still, that’s as of 2009, but have these folks not discovered, ahem, technology? Better go tell Uncle David that he really isn’t that much of a weirdo. Oh yeah, and tell him his pager isn’t that bad either. Well, if 4,000,000 of something seems like a huge number, it is. But, 400,000 is also a huge number. It is also approximately how many 3DS units were sold on February 26, 2011 for the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Get ready U.S., most of us have already marked our calendar for the March 27 due date. Also, have you checked the Nintendo 3DS launch titles? Maybe your pager will let you know just what time you can pick yours up.

Some people looked at the Nintendo DS and laughed at the thought of having two screens. Two screens? It reminded me of a Best Buy commercial I saw recently for their ”buy back” program. There was a guy unloading a freshly purchased 3D TV when he looks to the side of a moving truck and notices the “4D” coming soon. No 3D glasses required. Well, it might not be that far off from the truth.

Toshiba released their autostereoscopic 3D TV last year in Japan. While this technology is still continuously being perfected, it is also becoming more popular. The quality is also something that we have seen improve especially at events like CES 2011. Pair this with the 3DS release and we might have a new wave of glasses free TV’s coming before you can say autostereoscopy. This is all in my efforts to reiterate the “I told you so” tone from prior years that we all knew was on the horizon.

One thing that we can see coming for sure is the Nintendo 3DS craze that will be hitting the U.S. just shy of a month. Kids laying down in the middle of retail store aisles screaming, “I don’t care if I go blind! I want my 3-D-S!” I work in retail, and trust me, it’s more probable than one might come to believe. How will Nintendo counteract something that we saw before with the Nintendo Wii craze? They were going for outrageous prices on ebay and craigslist to unsuspecting purchasers. While most of our readers are aware of the situation, please, don’t be a jerk and buy one only to sell it at 2X’s its normal price, mmmkay?

For the rest of you out there just as excited as we are at GAMINGtruth, cheers! Since laying hands on this unique and impressive device at E3 2010, it is finally closing in on the date and marking yet another triumph of new technology.

*Photo courtesy Nintendo

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