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Published on February 25th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Bobby Kotick: Downfall of industry?

The highlight of this week is our own editorial on the possible death of the video game industry and how Activision is kind of a nasty company. 

The Reviews:

Mind’s Eye of Jupiter Episodes 1-3.

This indie point and click adventure game looked interesting when I saw it while perusing the dashboard recently, and according to our reviewer, it’s an alright adventure to take.

This is the Southside of Planet Plyntok fool!

“The areas available may not be in abundance and the quality may not be consistent, but they do offer some unique layouts. The episodes did provide for a continuous endeavor and kept me wondering what exactly was going on. They also intrigued me to find out what outcome the decisions made would bring. The puzzles were appealing and made good use of dialogue. I can say that it is graphically impressive, but cut short with the 3rd being the final episode.”

Back to the Future Episode II: Get Tannen

Creepy mustaches existed in the past..errr… the future, too.

“Back to the Future Episode II: Get Tannen! is a lot like the first episode but the modest improvements and tweaks help it shine brighter than its predecessor. The story is engaging enough that it kept my attention despite the weak puzzle element. It’s exactly how I predicted it at the end of my review for Episode ITelltale started slowly with It’s About Time but it’s clear with this installment the team is quickening the pace and the overall quality of the game is benefitting from the effort. A fact that is great news to gamers; there are three more episodes to play and based on the ending of Get Tannen!, the next episode should be even better.”


C’mon guys, can’t we get serious about this game for two freakin’ seconds?!

“Bulletstorm is a solid “dumb” action game and will leave you with a smile on your face. The game just doesn’t have the longevity that some would expect a game of this magnitude to have. The characters and story are interesting enough and pulling off rather ridiculous combos are fun to achieve, but the five hour campaign doesn’t leave much time to grasp the full enjoyment. The game looks beautiful but has very little environmental set pieces and next to no cover points. The solid gun-play and physics based mechanics will leave you in awe. The only downfall are the lack of climactic moments during gameplay.”

Eve Online: Incursion

The story for this seems like some good sci-fi fare. Read the review to find out if you’ll drop World of Warcraft for it.

The Truth:

Comics on your PlayStation 3!

I love video game music as much as the next guy, but the pricey Silent Hill music collection releasing only in Japan will probably not make it into my music player of choice anytime soon. 

Dead Space 2 DLC dated. I haven’t even played this game yet and already we have new chapters to play through!

The 3DS launch titles make it easier for me to skip this purchase (Nintendo consoles have been day one buys for me for years) and concentrate on paying student loans and stupid medical bills. 

Also, Gears of War 3 is dated for September, more copies of Super Mario All-Stars have been printed and pressed for the Wii, a Mobile version of indie hit Minecraft has surfaced.

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Hey it could happen.

Drink. Game. Drink.

The Editorial:

Ken’s rant this week is damn good, and damn scary. 

Riddle me this, Batman: “The lost copies of E.T. were buried in New Mexico…where will we bury Call of Duty?”

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