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Published on February 18th, 2011 | by Bryant Kazmerzak, Contributor

EVE Online: Incursion Review

EVE Online: Incursion
Developer: CCP Games
Platform: PC
Release: December 2010

The realm of MMO’s have a lot of contenders, from free to play games to subscription-based games like World Of Warcraft. Since the late 90’s, MMO’s haven’t changed a whole lot; This is your character, these are your friends, these are your spells/guns/abilities, and here’s crap you can pew-pew on. Sure, the gameplay mechanics and delivery have been altered, tweaked, and completely overhauled more times than necessary, but it stands to reason that that’s what happens with any game, really.

Enter EVE Online

EVE Online puts you into the boots of… Well, you. Fast forward about six thousand years into the future, after humanity has stripped Earth and the Sol System clean of resources to fund and facilitate interstellar travel. Humankind, driven by the desire to seek out new homes, discovers a natural wormhole that leads to an uncharted galaxy in an unknown part of the universe, which they named New Eden. Full of a variety of uninhabited planets, with massive potential for colonization and proliferation, mankind moved through the wormhole and the subsequent EVE Gate and began colonization, until one fateful day when, for some unknown reason, the wormhole collapsed and the EVE Gate was destroyed. Be it by the hand of God or something more sinister, the residents of New Eden were cut off from Earth and their home worlds, possibly forever.

After generations of being in a technological dark age, five primary races emerged from the economic and social slump that followed the wormhole collapse. The Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar, Amarr and Jovian nations all began working on restoring themselves to their former glory. In a universe where everyone has a backup clone, where their consciousness and memories get transferred to upon death, many citizens find themselves living for hundreds of years.

Corporations sprung up, accruing massive amounts of wealth, and with wealth comes power. One corporate head, Sansha Kuvakei, created a name for himself in arms manufacturing. After spreading his empire over many systems, it was discovered that Sansha was illegally creating cybernetically enhanced minions of his nation’s people, whom he dubbed “True Slaves”. Soon after this revelation, the Free Peoples of New Eden attacked, and drove Sansha and his slaves out into the darkness of the Stain Region.

It has been years since Sansha has been seen or heard from; But, that has just changed.

The Incursion Has Begun

In years past, capsuleers in EVE Online have been able to go about their merry way, doing pretty much whatever they wanted, from mining asteroids and ice belts, to harvesting gasses from nebulae, to fighting NPC pirates and earning bounty from doing so, to manufacturing weapons and ships and modules, to engaging in massive fleet operations against thousands of players at a time. Little else but the occasional player Pirate has prevented other players from having a safe good time in high-security space. But, now that the Incursions have begun, that has all changed.

Incursion is the newest expansion in the ever-growing story of EVE Online. At any given time, in any given system, wormholes can open out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, out of which will pour massive fleets of Sansha’s Minions frigates, cruisers, battleships, and the new and extremely imposing Revenant-class supercarrier. These ships serve one primary purpose: To make your life a living hell.

Entire constellations are affected by these Incursions, as the establishment of Sansha control has ill-effects on pilots, such as fifty-percent reductions in shield and armor resistances, targeting range reduction, and more. Giving even more incentive to get rid of Incursions are the earning of Loyalty Points from the galactic police agency known as CONCORD, which can be used to buy cool stuff like new implants and modules.

Joining a battle for an Incursion is easy, easier than WoW’s LFG tool, in a lot of ways. All you have to do is find the closest Incursion by checking the ‘Incursions’ tab in your Journal, and then warp off to the staging area, where you can join fleets and go missile-slap some of those spikey monstrosities. You must be mindful of who and what you target in high-sec though, because CONCORD will still come out of nowhere and CONCORDOUKKEN your ass into oblivion if you shoot another player. Piracy is still not tolerated in systems with a security rating of 0.5 or higher.

Even Small Steps Lead to Great Journeys…

Meanwhile, while players are getting their rocks off by blasting Minions, CCP is hard at work paving the road to the next expansion, Incarna. Incarna, which was previously referred to as Ambulation, and then before that “Walking in Stations”, is the next step in EVE’s saga. Finally being able to get out of that cramped pod of amniotic fluid and nanites, stretch your legs, put on some pants and grab a drink with the boys will be a welcome break from mining for 16 hours just to afford a license extension, but I digress.

CCP’s Dev Team “Best Friends Forever” is hard at work making many small, but in the grand scheme of things, large changes to the EVE client. Doing what CCP does best and listening to their player base, they are taking complaints players have about the game, such as cramped button placement in the UI, not being able to destroy jump clones remotely, and others, and fixing them.

Yes, WoW fans… Actually fixing them. Hard to swallow, I know.

Right now saying anything about what CCP’s next moves are for Incursion and Incarna would be nothing more but speculation, and while I’d love to talk for hours on TeamSpeak and drone on and on about how I think “this” would be cool, or how CCP should do A instead of B, I think I’ve punished you enough already with my wall of text.

Seriously, though, if you folks out there are tired of the daily grind, and need a break from the repetition, noisy 13-year-olds on Ventrilo, and cramped Trade chat, give EVE Online a try. And, when you do, send me a message – My name is Daionnis.

And a tip for the newbies: Please, for your own sake, go through the crash course training. It’s crucial!

Fly dangerously.

[xrr label=”Rating: 9/10″ rating=9/10]–Shaddz

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