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Published on February 16th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Heading to PC March 1

You asked, you cried and you threw a fit all over our YouTube page, but you finally got your wish. Yes, the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo will be available on the PC March 1 at the Crysis 2 website: and other partner sites.

The demo will include two different maps and two separate gameplay modes. Players will have full access to the Nanosuit, which can augment abilities to offer increased strength, speed and grant temporary camouflage. For more on the Crysis 2 multiplayer experience, check out our full impressions here: Crysis 2 Impressions

The two included maps take place in a war-ravaged Manhattan. The first map, “Skyline,” should be familiar to those who played the demo on the console. It takes place over the rooftop and interiors of several skyscrapers. There are a lot of places to hide in this map including destroyed office space and a couple of greenhouses. The second is an open map named “Pier 17.”

The two different modes in the game are “Team Instant Action” which is your basic Team Deathmatch. The second is “Crash Site,” which has players battle for the control of alien drop pods. If you can think of “King of the Hill” but with the hills as pods, then you got it.

Along with the demo announcement, EA has released the goods on the Crysis 2 Limited Edition which players will receive an automatic update to simply by pre-ordering the game. The Limited Edition will come with these four different unlocks to help players get the most kills possible once they jump from campaign into the fast-paced multiplayer mode:

  • Bonus XP – Players will jump into multiplayer battles with an edge by
    starting with enough experience points to gain early access to all preset class
  • SCAR Hologram Decoy – This special attachment to the SCAR will project a
    hologram image of the player, allowing them to confuse their opponents with the
  • SCAR Weapon Skin – This digital camouflage skin will allow players to add
    a personalized touch to one of the more popular assault rifles in the game.
  • Platinum Dog Tag – This special one-of-a-kind dog tag is one of over 250
    that will be collectible in Crysis 2 multiplayer, helping to separate you from the
    rest of the field.
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