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Published on February 11th, 2011 | by Kole Ross, Editor

FFIV: Complete Collection Screens Crystalize, Are Stolen by Golbez

I may possibly be the biggest “Final Fantasy IV” fan in the world. Or, at least, very high in the running. I’ve lost track of how many re-releases of this game I own, and yet I still quake with anticipation whenever a new one is announced.

Most telling of all, perhaps, is the fact that I genuinely enjoyed “Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.”

Indeed, if I owned a PSP, I’d be all over the upcoming “Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection,” which includes the original game and The After Years, all dolled up with shiny new graphics.

Instead, I’ll just sit here and be hot-and-bothered until the game releases on April 19th.

If you share this alarming enthusiasm, check out the newly-released screenshots below.

Also, in the comments, tell me how many Remedy potions you used on Palom and Porom after they were, well… You know. Spoilers.

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