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Published on February 10th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Dragon Knight Saga Character Creation, Achievement Details

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga—the updated version of Divinity II: Ego Draconis for PC and Xbox 360—includes the conclusion to the game’s story in the form of Flames Of Vengeance, a significant chunk of DLC. The one question swimming through my mind since the announcement of the game coming to North American Xbox 360s was whether or not I’ll bust skulls and cast deadly magic with my character from the original.

Unfortunately, there will be no character transferring into Flames of Vengeance if you own the original release of the game.

“The Dragon Knight Saga is a new game; we couldn’t release only Flames of Vengeance for Ego Draconis users,” Lynn Vanbesien, office manager for Divinity II developer Larian Studios, said via e-mail. “We did many upgrades in addition to making the add-on, including improved work on the engine and the textures, so Flames of Vengeance became too large for a DLC.

“The Dragon Knight Saga is a game that contains two adventures: Ego Draconis and Flames of Vengeance,” Vanbesien added. “You can start Flames of Vengeance directly if you want. There is a character customization screen where you can choose between preset or customize your character. You’ll get a large amount of gold to go shop in Aleroth so you’ll be able to buy cool gear for your character.”

While I won’t be able to use my over-powered character, it is reassuring to have the option of starting right at the DLC instead of having to work through the 40 plus hour adventure again—though it’s a fun one worth retaking.

In addition to detailing character transfers, Vanbesien also said since the title is separate from Ego Draconis that it would feature a new list of achievements spread across both adventures tallying up to the Microsoft mandated 1000 points.

“We kept a lot of the existing achievements, removed quite a bunch in order to make free achievement slots/points and in general the achievement points have been checked in order to have a good balance for people who will play the two adventures,” Vanbesien said.

While I’m glad I’ll keep my perfect 1000 on Ego Draconis, it’s a bit of a disappointment I couldn’t have Flames of Vengeance as a DLC download to add to my previous score, but this only means the DLC is such a huge chunk of content that we’ll have quite the mind-reading, dragon shape shifting adventure on our goblin crushing hands come April.

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