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Published on February 9th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

New Club Nintendo Rewards

Two new items have made their way onto the rewards section of Club Nintendo.

One of the new rewards—as well at the priciest at 1200 coins— is the Game and Watch: Ball handheld unit. Ball is the first title from the Game & Watch series, and has been reproduced exclusively for Club Nintendo. The handheld mirrors the original released in 1980. The game is rather simple: players are tasked with keeping balls in the air while juggling. To do so, players simply move the juggler’s arms left and right to catch the balls.

The other new item is a reversible pouch that comes in two colors: red and blue. Perfectly sized to carry your Nintendo DS or the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, the pouches feature one of three random 2D Mario label designs and the flip sides of both are gray. If you buy Nintendo games and don’t know what Club Nintendo is, check out the link above and start earning some pretty sweet—and exclusive—Nintendo items.

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