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Published on February 4th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

So, How Excited are YOU For Elder Scrolls V? (NSFWIYWS)

I believe I’ve said it before that the Skyrim announcement was the best thing I heard all year. If I haven’t, consider that now said.

Since then I’ve been reading every scrap of news, studying every screenshot to minute detail, and getting every love letter denied by Todd Howard. Yes, I cannot wait for this game to hit. However, even I think I have a limit to how excited I can get over a game.

The below video by YouTube animator, HarryPartridge, is one gamer’s hilarious reaction to the announcement trailer which, even though it gave us nothing more than an idea of the plot told by “some old guy,” was the highlight of the VGAs. At least it was for me.

And for him:

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