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Published on February 2nd, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Fight Night Champion Preview

Fight Night is headed back to the ring this March, and bringing with it some very familiar mechanics with a twist of some new. In the games demo, which can be found on the PSN and Xbox 360 marketplace, you can choose to fight as either Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali and fight in a three-round bout. The main question circling the release of Fight Night Champions is whether the controls have been fixed or made worse. What I can say is that the controls have been fixed to bring back the classic Fight night: Round 3 controls with a little bit of Round 4. You are not confined to using the thumbsticks at all times, instead now they will be your harder punches, and can be easier to place. The buttons will be your jabs and hooks, and if you want to throw a harder punch press down the “R1 / RB” while throwing your punch.

Graphically Fight Night Champion is impressive. Think back to the trailers you’ve seen and you have a pretty clear idea of what Fight Night brings. Strong details and an enhanced reality  system make Champion one of the best looking in the series. Much more has yet to be experienced, such as the Legend Mode, and the games in depth campaign, but one feature we were able to try was the online vs. mode. Online functions without much hiccups and very few server issues.

My only gripe with Fight Night, that can be worked out, is slow down the punches. You can mash the jab button five times, and the game will send all five punches before you can jump into your next animation. If your throwing a punch, hit the button twice and your opponent counters, you can’t react until after your second animation finishes. This issue can be fixed but for right now it can become troublesome if not addressed.



Download the Fight Night Champion demo on either Xbox LIVE™ or the PLAYSTATION®Network today to experience the true brutality of boxing.  Get a feel for the all-new Full Spectrum Control and take your game online as Fight Night Champion presents the first EA SPORTS title in history to include head-to-head online play.

Fight in front of thousands of fans in the famed Boardwalk Hall and battle it out as Heavyweights Iron Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali or go toe-to-to with Welterweights Manny ‘Pacman” Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto.

Get a sneak peek at the all-new story based Champion Mode and prepare to take on the world when the full game hits stores March 1.

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