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Published on February 1st, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Medal Of Honor / Hot Pursuit = HOT SALES!

During an EA Conference call today, with EA shareholders it was revealed that both “Medal of Honor” and “Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit” sold more than 5 million copies A PIECE. Both titles were respective reboots to their franchise. Need For Speed was handed over to “Burnout” developer Criterion, where Medal of Honor saw a modern day Afghanistan war setting with Danger Close handling single player duties where veteran Battlefield developer DICE took the reigns on the Multiplayer. Although Medal of Honor didn’t receive the highest praise from the critics, Need for Speed did. With both titles selling over 5 million units, we are sure to expect a sequel, and recent rumors are rumbling that EA and Danger Close are looking for employment help with a undisclosed triple A title. MOH 2 anyone? Stay Tuned!

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