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Published on January 28th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Autism, Dragons and Pokeymans

This story about an autistic boy caught cheating perhaps wasn’t a breaking news story as it was just a simple case of a cheater boosting his Gamerscore, but it certainly took the interweb by storm. But then again, Snooki is a star…so crazier things have happened. Now, onto what happened this week.

The truth:

What a surprise: Black Ops has a map pack. Still, at least this DLC wasn’t announced, say within 24 hours after release.

Little Big Planet 2 and Zelda? LBP2 and Zelda!

The Dragon Knight Saga is coming to North American Xbox 360s.

Like the Wii’s bloody, black-and-white game, Madworld? Check out developer Platinum Games’ follow-up title for HD consoles.

Rumors: A Metal Gear Solid HD collection could find its way onto the PlayStation 3, and Modern Warfare 3 could release later this year. As if there were any doubt another Call of Duty title would find its way onto store shelves this year.

Hands on: Bulletstorm and Crysis 2. One of them makes Chuck Norris weep tears of joy, damn it. By the way, All of the Call of Duty Games are based on the life of Chuck Norris. Rated G.

You want the goods on the new PSP 2? We have them. Also, check out the list of games for this beastly machine.

Pokemon madness is taking over America this year.

Android, Sony, NGP (PSP 2) and the PlayStation Suite. What does it all mean?

I did not expect an MMO featuring Batman to sell more on the PlayStation 3 than PC. But that brings me back to my thoughts on that nasty, ghastly Snooki person…

The reviews:

The old X-Men arcade game on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network is a winner for fans of nostalgia and mutants.

Well, that’s all this week. If we’ve learned anything this week it’s that the new handhelds will be powerful, cheating is bad and Snooki shouldn’t be famous.

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