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Published on January 28th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Dead Space 2: The Faces of Fear

I recently started my way through the dark corridors of the hotly anticipated epic space horror game, Dead Space 2. Now, I’m man enough to admit that the first Dead Space gave me a few good scares. But I decided some time ago that I wasn’t going to let some video game make me weep in the corner like a scared girl, no, I was going to take the sequel on and show it who’s the boss. I’m not worried; I am set and ready to go. My lights are off, my Turtle Beach Ear Force X41s are on and fully charged and I have a 6-pack of assorted brews.

No problem.

Hour: Intro
Mood: “I got this.”

I’m going to go ahead and add another tally mark to my wall of “amount of games I played where I started off restrained and sitting on a chair where some random guy treats me like a: psychopath/murderer/war criminal.” This time it’s psychopath.

As usual things go to hell immediately and I end up running through the halls in a straight jacket avoiding Necromorphs. Visceral Games started the quick and easy “sudden noise” scares early, with steam vents that suddenly burst on through the silence which nearly blow the speakers in my headset. I need to turn those down a bit.

All seems pretty typical for a survival horror; cheap scares and unexplainable shadows are featured around every corner. But perhaps Visceral only used those things as a ploy. Maybe it was there way of being facetious. Let people think they got it down before they pull out the big guns.

Now the visions start.

Hour: Post Intro
Mood: “Maybe a little concerned.”

Progressing through the intro, I managed to survive the Necromorph horde out for my blood. The power in this city must be failing because lights flicker on-and-off sporadically and at all the right times to keep me on the edge. I ran into an old friend of Isaac’s quite abruptly. I’m not afraid, but I am feeling a little creeped out.

Now, I’m not the kind of jerk who will spoil the story for any game, so explaining why I feel so creeped out will be difficult but let’s give it a shot.

In Dead Space 2 the universe’s most badass space engineer, Isaac Clarke, is no longer right in the head following the events that took place aboard the USG Ishimura. An important person in Isaac’s past now haunts his scarred mind. The room I was walking in morphed into something frightening and supernatural in a fraction of a second. Now that very person is walking over; the eyes are but a bright glow; the mouth opens and only the twisted sound of a fractured children’s song streams out.

Wait, it’s getting closer.

Hour: 1
Mood: “Generally alarmed.”

I decided to enlist the support of the fastest hedgehog in the world. Not because I’m scared, though! I just didn’t want my furry blue friend to feel upset with the room being as dark as it is. Yea, that’s why.

I’m not scared, of course, mainly because I was able to find the classic engineering suit and now I’m powered up and ready to go. You know, I’ve always wondered how the shop was able to dress Isaac so quickly. Every time I bought a new suit from the first game my mind began playing the theme song from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. You know the one? When he starts sliding down the pole in his pajamas and then comes out fully clothed? Hell’s up with that?

Anyways, I’m suited up and I managed to grab the Refurbished Plasma Cutter as a gift from Visceral for beating the first game. How nice of them. Unfortunately, not even a new gun can save me from getting puked on.

I have rediscovered my love of stomping in chest cavities.

Hour: ?
Mood: “Something smells like poo.”

I have been abandoned.

Apparently, though his fur was blue in color, underneath he was all yellow. Coward. Who needs him anyway? He only had one good game in the past decade. Go off and suck for another ten years.

Lights are quickly flashing by in this monorail from hell. I want to get off the train.

I ended up in a shopping district. Maybe they have a shop where I can buy some Depends. Did you know that beer is a diuretic?

WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Oh, I thought I saw something small and gray scurry through a broken window. Like one of those gray aliens that my redneck neighbor Phil told me about. Shine on you crazy diamond.

I think the shadows are against me. Turning off the lights has proven to be a disagreeable idea. But I don’t want to get up to turn them on. If I leave my blanket they might spot me.

I’m fighting for my life as “Necromorphed” children scream and run at me. The lights from the sign flash blue and red and only add more madness to the scene. My powerful headset allows me to hear all the things that scurry around me. They are in the vents; in the corners. Something feels off.

There is another sound now; it’s closer than I would be comfortable with. I still hear it even with the headset off. It’s close; too close. It’s almost as if it’s right behind m…

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