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Published on January 25th, 2011 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

X-Men Arcade Review

X-Men Arcade

Release Date: December 10, 2010

ESRB Rating: E+10

Publisher: Konami

Developer: Backbone Entertainment

Genre: Arcade Action

Platforms: PSN & Xbox Live Arcade [Reviewed]

Yes it is true, the mighty mutants of the X-Men are back. Not in a brand new title, but a blast from the quarter-eating-arcade-era. I do not know how many of you actually remember venturing into an arcade that is filled with rotten teenagers and snot bubbling youngsters, but X-Men Arcade brings those fond memories right back. Publishers have already re-released arcade games to the next gen consoles in the past (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles anyone?) with Marvel and Konami partnering up, this was the best arcade re-release we have seen to date.

Let it be known that yes, this game has aged and not in a great way either. It still is a fun trip to take down memory lane and playing with five other buddies to stop Magneto and his henchmen was nothing but fun, for a little while. That’s what this game was designed for. This is not a deep rooted story that will leave you wanting to know what will happen next. Instead it is a fun game to turn on and play for 30 – 40 minutes, with some friends and just kick ass with your favorite X-Men character. In fact, there is an achievement for beating the game in under 25 minutes. Does that tell you how long the game is intended to be played?

To say that X-Men is a repetitive fighter seems to be a cop-out for others out there reviewing this title. Games of this genre and era were similar to this one. There is not much that a story line could handle with a couple buttons and an arcade joystick. Not to mention, who would want to stand in a arcade with five other players, for a reasonable amount of time, and play a game that is constantly changing. Granted there were some titles that did that, but the whole point of a arcade title of this caliber is to basically eat your quarters. Drop in with a couple of friends and you could play for 20 minutes or so. I will not knock X-Men for its repetitive control scheme and extremely painful storyline, but I can knock it for missing the recalibration of the jumping mechanic and collision detection. There was plenty of times that I was standing next to a Sentinel, mashing the hell out of my attack button and hitting nothing but air. It was irritating, but hey, it’s arcade right?

The game dialogue was laughable. Listening to the same one liners from each of the games boss battles becomes a bit to much. I almost took my Tritton’s off whenever a boss battle was incoming. “The Blob” and his one liner became more irritating than any of the rest. I was so happy after defeating him because I knew I would not have to listen to his crazy dialogue again. Then I realized I had to fight him again, along with every other boss in the game before reaching Magneto.

Konami has made X-Men online enabled for up to 6 player co-op. It will make the game extremely easy so you may want to turn the difficulty up. There is also two different versions of the game included when you download it. Players will get the U.S. and Japanese versions. Both offer variations in the game. The Japanese version is a little bit easier, uses Power Tokens first, and your health later when using your mutant powers. Health and power ups are dropped by enemies. The U.S. version uses power orbs you get if you die, or after each stage you complete. There is no health or power up pick ups from enemies, thus making this version a bit tougher to play.

The Final Truth:

X-Men is direct port from the old arcade game. You will notice very little difference in game play or structure, so if you were a fan of the TMNT arcade release a few years back, you will love this release. Even if you like playing arcade style games with friends on line this is a game designed for you. It brings back the good ol’ days of gaming, when all you had was a pocket full of quarters and a few hours to kill. That was until your mom or dad was finished shopping. This was a very fun game to revisit and can’t bring myself to knock a game for something every game in it’s genre did (a lot of the times worse). It could have been a little bit cheaper on the DL side, since $10 seems to be a little bit steep, but to relive that era, I enjoyed it. Not to mention that there is unlimited continues. So, no more quarter inserts!
[xrr label=”Rating: 7.5/10″ rating=7.5/10]
+ The fun is still alive in this 18 year old game!
+ 6 player drop in / drop out
+ US and Japanese version
– Horrible one liner dialogue
– Collision detection

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