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Published on January 25th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Bulletstorm Demo Impressions

*If you would like to bypass this all and get the demo, Click here!

Flailing limbs and flying feet into the “poop passage” will only break the ice when it comes to getting to know that which is Bulletstorm. The demo offers a playthrough of the mode “Echoes,” but easily takes a few practice runs to really get to know your fine pieces of equipment and the weapons of mass decapitation that lie all round you.

The introduction is short and ensures that you will know how to play out the games motto to “kill with skill.” There are plenty of objects to impale enemies on and throw enemies off of. After all, it is just the demo. Some of the things that that are notice right off of the old bat are the weapon options. First off, there are plenty of slots for you to carry multiple weapons. This can be cycled through with the Y button, or the directional pad. Players will also notice the first person shooter view, mixed with a similar Gears of War scheme. Meaning, all of you Mario’s out there, no jumping. The A button acts to hop over landscape, while double tapping it enables a slide. The controls compliment the weapon style that is used, but also take some getting used to.

Many players like to really get to know the weapon they are using. Looking down the scope, whether or not you can spring to the iron sights and be right on target as you were before just aiming, etc. Pushing the RB will activate this secondary use and give you the ability to fire away some heavy artillery. As if ending someone’s life via disembodiment of their loins was not enough, you can do it with some extra force. Using the same button for the lasso will shoot your enemy into the air and give you some extra points and time.

If you decide to get creative and combo all of the skills you have learned, it is possible to rack up some major points. Voodoo doll, Gag Reflex, and Gang Bang do not even scratch the surface on the amount of taglines are available for killing off some major wastes of cellular life. Some objects in the level can be lassoed and pulled to kill an enemy, which are extremely important for a nice combo. Other things like hanging electric wires will prove electrifying when throwing a hatchet baring toxic enemy into them and set the panel to fry.

There were only a few things that you might notice during the demo, which after all, it is a demo. While there were multiple enemies on screen and turning with the flail gun to blast a few enemies, there was some slight screen tearing. Also, when putting the guns secondary explosive functions on, some kept the activation going after sliding, while others had to be pressed again multiple times. These may only be minor issues, but will hopefully be fixed in the final phase of completion.

The game promises to come out and kick you right in the teeth will double barrel action. Well friends, it serves its purpose. After all, if a game that you can score extra point values for being intoxicated while shooting out someone’s blow hole does not impress you, then, you cannot be saved. Blast, stick, and disembody with the best of them. Making your way through the demo in a great time and dropping some major points will also get you a nice spot on the global leaderboards. If you spent this whole time reading the impressions, nice job “dick tits,” there is a kick ass game waiting and you just spent this whole time wondering if it was worth wasting a few gigs of space.

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  1. Amber Games says:

    I might have skipped this one, but thanks to your post now I will go download the demo. I hope it comes out as a good game.

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