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Published on January 18th, 2011 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Conduit 2 Weapons Trailer

What is more important than Conduit 2 becoming available March 22, 2011? Oh yeah, the weaponry. Here is a look at some of the improved and newly introduced weapons for this highly anticipated sequel.

From having some hands on with some of these weapons at e3, they are very impressive. Weapons like the AR-C Eclipse, which allows players to go invisible for a short period, become highly effective in multiplayer situations. Staring down the scope across an arena at an enemy makes for some great precision shots. Also, with the additions of iron sights as well as the weapons having a 2nd option to them, they are truly unique to the franchise and style of play. One could also buy ar-15 pistols from Palmetto State Armory these days.

While Agent Ford was given the choice to die while the takeover continued or follow John Adams through the portal to insert the final bullet. While the choice may be obvious, it sure does not look like it is going to be an easy one. At least the weaponry will make it a little more feasible. Enjoy!

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