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Published on January 17th, 2011 | by Cameron Woolsey

Hands-On Impressions with Nyko’s 2011 Hardware Line-Up

Recently I was able to hang out with a few of the fine people of Nyko to play test some new equipment. Nyko has been supplying gaming hardware for a long time now, usually in the form of system coolers or controllers. But I was still curious to find out what they were planning on unveiling this year. So without further stalling for time, let’s get right into the business.

The first little toy I got my greedy hands on was the Perfect Shot Pro for the Wii.

The gun case was well formed and felt good even in my large circus attraction hands. The aim itself was anything one would expect when using the Wiimote but will offer more comfort for when you play those incredible Wii shooters. Hm, what’s that? Wii shooters are how bad, now? Oh, I see. Well, it also has a rubberized surface. The real change that the Perfect Shot Pro has over the original Perfect Shot is that it now has vibration feedback.

Next I was able to try out the Raven, a PS3 exclusive controller that they were excited to show.

The Raven looks pretty bulky but it actually felt fairly comfy as I held it. The only issue that became immediately apparent happened to be where the parts of the shell casing came together. There is a small gap where the two pieces meet and felt a little abrasive in my hands. The controller is wireless and is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery which they tell me will last up to 25 hours. Nyko has dropped the R2 and L2 buttons and replaced them with triggers. The controller also comes built with Multi-Axis technology for all your motion controlled games.

I suppose by now you must be asking yourselves, “Ok, so what else?” Well, as you can see from the picture, Nyko has taken the left analog stick and exchanged it with the d-pad which makes the controller look more like an Xbox 360 controller than a PS3 one. This is good for all the people (like me) who can’t stand the DualShock and would pay any price for a PS3 controller with an Xbox design. The Raven brings that design with the usual features expected from a PS3 controller. Nyko is shipping two types of Raven controllers, one with the analog stick on the upper-left and another with analog sticks together in the usual PlayStation style just in case you actually like having your thumbs clash like medieval jousters while playing shooters.

To continue my tour of PS3 hardware I checked out the Power Shot Move, a rifle case for the PlayStation Move.

The Power Shot Move is something that one would expect to use for Killzone 3 which will be Move compatible. The gun comes with a built-in scope and vibration that will activate with each trigger pull. The grip holds the Navigation controller and can be positioned to comfort depending on whether you’re right or left-handed. The stock can also extend if you like going into your games all tactical.

Moving away from the PS3 side of things for a moment, I got myself a closer look at their new Intercooler STS for the Xbox 360 Slim.

The Intercooler STS is USB powered and, like the original, uses TempSmart technology which controls it. The major complaint that people had with the original fugly Intercooler was that it made too much noise but the new model, even though looks like a jet engine, doesn’t add a lot more noise to the usual hum of the console.

Finally, I got a look at the Power Base S, the next iteration of the original Power Base for the Xbox 360.

The Power Base S works exactly how you might perceive it. You replace the standard battery packs on the controllers with rechargeable ones that the Power Base S will come with. Then when you’re done playing just place the controllers on the base and let them recharge. LED indicator lights on the front will tell you how much of the battery is charged and when the batteries are fully charged. I noticed that the LED lights were not as bright as the lights on the original Charge Base which is something that Nyko changed in response to some reviews which mentioned how the glow could pierce the blackest night with more force than Green Lantern.

That just about does it for my experience with Nyko and all their fancy new toys. I have to admit that I left feeling a little disappointed that their new line-up was more renovation than innovation. However, the changes they made to their hardware may be enough to convince gamers to pick a few of these up.

Nyko’s new hardware line-up is scheduled to hit stores sometime this Spring.

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