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Published on January 14th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Weekly Round-Up: Where January Feels Like December

I can’t keep up with the news this week! We try to capture as much as we can in this week’s round-up, but like catching the elusive Mew, it proved a tad bit more difficult than I thought. Next time I’ll bring more than my dumb Pikachu. Pokemon aside, this week was meaty.

The truth:

The sales are in: not everything is golden for Nintendo, but Microsoft makes a killing off this Kinect thing.

Dead Space 2 launch trailer.

“It will rock your socks off then set the socks on fire.” Not content with that blurb about the Razer Onza? How about this: “It kicks more ass than a gang of ninjas strung out on speed wearing steel-toed boots at a donkey farm. And the ninjas are playing burning guitars. Made of bacon.” Sign me the hell up for this controller.

This new TH…right, that’s a q. This new TGQ logo promises to fit the developers commitment to

“a new strategic and creative vision with an enhanced visual identity.” To be honest, it confuses me. Where am I again?

We may have informed you of the Bulletstorm demo and awesome Dreamcast Collection, but were you ready for this: Cooking Mama for Facebook. I just found Greg’s new favorite game. Social bacon cooking wonder twin powers activate! In other words, hit up your friends to make delectable meals.

Well put, Cooking Mama. Well put.

The reviews:

GT’s rock star reviewer, Kyle, went on a rampage this past week and played everything he could get his gaming paws on. Check out Kirby’s Epic Yarn (delightfully cute), Disney’s Epic Mickey (visually stunning), Little Big Planet 2 (Sackboy!) and The Force Unleashed 2 (the force is weak with this one).

You can try all you want, but you won’t sound anything like Mr. Bennington

when playing the new Linkin Park track pack for Rock Band 3.

A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks promises to make you laugh (or offend you) with zingers.

Be sure to peruse our website for all of our CES news and all the other goodies unable to make it into the round-up. Have a great weekend, and watch out for noob tubes.

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