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Published on January 14th, 2011 | by Bryant Kazmerzak, Contributor

TRUTHrant #04

Have you guys ever had an idol?

Y’know what I mean. I mean one of those people that you looked up to, be they your dad, your mom, a big brother or sister, Chuck Norris, or The Goddamn Batman… I’m sure we’ve all had one at some point or another.

See, I have several people I could call idols, for instance…

MC Frontalot has been an idol ever since I heard the Penny-Arcade Theme back in my junior year of high school. The lyrics to some of his deliciously geeky music made me proud of what I am, and made me stop trying to act like someone I am not.

-Ever since I heard his PAX 2007 keynote speech, Wil Wheaton has been an entry on my list. To this day I get misty eyed when I think of how his speech made me come out of the cultural closet and stop embracing bro-dom.

The Goddamn Batman. ‘Nuff said.

But, I have one idol that takes his place on a throne of straight-faced dorkiness, one that I aspire with all my being to one day be as successful as… I am speaking, of course, of the one and only Adam Sessler.

Adam Sessler, to those who don’t know of him, is an aging dude on G4 who talks about videogames, needs to get some sun, and might (Just might) be a pedophile with his creepy smile. But they would be wrong…

Adam, to me, is probably the coolest person I’ve met in my life. I mean, for Fark’s sake, I’ve met Mike and Jerry from Penny Arcade; I’ve met a slew of PAX-goers online and offline that I simply couldn’t do without, and whom I have learned many valuable lessons from; I have met Brian Brushwood of Scam School and NSFW fame; I have even met Alex Albrecht, a guy who, if he were any more hip, he’d be one giant pelvis.

But when I first met him at PAX 2009, he was the coolest, most honest and humble person in the world. He may be the Editor-In-Chief of G4 Media, the host of XPlay, and the most prominent voice in videogame news in North America (Alongside Morgan Webb and Geoff Keighley, of course), but he doesn’t let that go to his head one bit, nor does he look at lowly little runts like myself and say, “BEGONE LESSER CREATURE!“. No, in fact when I ran into him the second time in the Star Wars: The Old Republic room, he actually talked with me for about 4 or 5 minutes about getting out into the field of gaming journalism.

That absolutely blew my mind.

The fact that the man who has been one of the most influential icons for six years of my life sat down with me and told me the basics of breaking into his area of work was nigh too much for me to handle. When I returned to the media room later that day, sore, bruised and coming down off a Red Bull high, I actually had to remember to stop smiling.

I am bringing this up because lately I’ve been hearing a little bit of hate where it comes to him. People are saying he’s ”too old” to be doing what he’s doing, and that he should leave the business to younger talent like Geoff Keighley or Kevin Pereirra. Some people have even gone so far as to say that he needs to just stop reviewing games altogether.

To these people I say: He’s f*cking Adam Sessler, not Harry Caray! He’s not going to go insane in the membrane and say that Mass Effect 3 is a, “1… Out of 5“, or that “Uwe Boll’s Magical Funland Explorers: The Game” is the game of the century, bar none. Hell no, this man is, in my opinion, the only person on G4 who even deserves to hold a mic and talk about games. He is the only person who should be allowed on camera, and that’s saying something, considering they have some pretty decent people working there. If you haven’t watched Sessler’s Soapbox, do so. You will thank me later.

I’m not bashing G4. Truth be told, I wish they hadn’t become yet another host for COPS and Cheaters, and that they’d stop portraying gamers as horny, depraved mouth-breathers on “Attack Of The Show!“. I mean, it’s entertaining at best when you’re watching shit you’ve seen on the internet months ago on Web Soup, but for the love of all that is holy, some original content would be nice. And I am glad Olivia Munn isn’t around anymore; We got it, she was hot, and talented, and probably a little intelligent at least by osmosis, but the huddling masses of geeks, gamers, nerds and dorks outside the G4 studios were never going to have a shot at her, so I for one am glad she’s no longer being flaunted as a sex symbol on the network. By my recollection they never did that with Sarah Lane, Morgan Webb, Tina Wood or Laura Foy, so why did they go that route with her?

I guess everyone needs a mascot.

I vote for the official mascot of GAMINGtruth to be Greg in a sombrero.

Yes, that’s really him

For me, as far as gaming journalism is concerned, my mascot is Adam Sessler. The man is timeless, and I can only hope to be half the journalist and person he is when I am his age.

Mr. Sessler, if you see this post (God willing), this is for you:

PS - I need a job

Thanks for reading.


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