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Published on January 14th, 2011 | by Bryant Kazmerzak, Contributor

Dear Gamecrush: WTF?

This past summer, we gamers heard tale of Gamecrush, a quasi-dating site that allows you to pay money (Real-life monies!) to play crappy games with girls or guys so you can see them naked. Basically. This isn’t the universal case – Some people are there just for fun, but, the internet being the internet, the rule of “Tits or GTFO” seems to have taken root right from the inception of said service.

Personally, me being a dood, I can appreciate a nice pair of Bob-ombs bouncing around merrily in a tank top bearing a “FOR THE HORDE!” image, but having to PAY for this service? No. No thank you. I am a man, dammit, and I love the pursuit of bounciness just as much as the next, but I refuse to pay for the opportunity – Unless said payment is in the form of a nice evening out on the town. Gamecrush just ends up coming off as a seedy LiveJasmin or MyFreeCams ripoff with flash games, which is what our colleagues at Zaxy have discovered in an undercover investigation. Please be sure to read their article, and leave some comments. Also, if you can, FedEx Tara some bottles of Purell.

CLICK HERE for Zaxy’s discovery (*NSFW*)

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