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Published on January 12th, 2011 | by Louis Garcia, Contributor

Dragon Age 2 Pre-Order Weapons

One of the many joys in BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins is the bloody mess players become after tearing those darned Darkspawn to bits. Turns out, BioWare is providing some nifty weapons for chopping enemies up—as well as helping to prevent yourself from the same fate—with a new batch of exclusives available to those who have pre-ordered Dragon Age 2 or plan on setting down their hard-earned cash ahead of time for the title.

The Fadeshear long sword and the Lion of Orlais shield will both be the shiny new weapons. The sword was made by the first smiths who sought to fight the demons from the Fade. The Lion of Orlais was a shield used by lord Emile Deveraux, a magnificent warrior who never knew the feeling of defeat…until a jealous lover got revenge in the dead of night.

Aside from the unique weapons, BioWare has unveiled The Black Emporium, a new location in the game that is home to a mysterious appearance changing mirror (a mirror allowing you to change your character’s physical appearance). Players will also be able to unearth a rare whistle allowing them to summon a faithful Mabari war hound whenever in need of a nice game of fetch or Darkspawn killing.

The Black Emporium will be available with every original version of Dragon Age 2.

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